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Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW
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Are You Facing Adversity?

  • Does illness, loss, tragedy, business or financial reversals dog your steps?
  • Does your life seem full of insurmountable obstacles?
  • Have your feet been pulled out from under you?
  • Do you know positive things to do to get back on your feet, but can't get yourself to do them?
  • Are you feeling worse and worse emotionally and physically in spite of all you do to help yourself?
  • Are your relationships suffering, too?

Here's Help and Hope! Creative Comebacks Class: Overcoming Adversity

Once a week for the duration of the class, you'll join together with others in similar circumstances in a small group setting, learning, healing and growing together. You'll experience

  • being accepted and accepting yourself in spite of all that's happened
  • activating positive coping tools
  • releasing your creativity to become your healing ally
  • receiving and giving support and encouragement
  • rebuilding and integrating mind, body, soul and spirit
  • mining the treasures hidden deep within adversity
  • being set free to become your true self

You'll learn how to

  • get and keep your feet under you
  • ride on top of the waves of emotions that threaten to overwhelm you
  • calm yourself when anxiety and stress become too intense
  • create and become part of a community of support
  • transform your pain into gain
  • use your sensitivity as a healing ally, not a source of stress and pain
  • cultivate a habit of gratitude, no matter what's happening in your life
  • identify and mobilize your strengths and skills on your own behalf
  • activate your creativity to rebuild your life

You may doubt that all of this is possible. Not in a few weeks, not at all. You may be hurting too much to believe that this can happen. I understand. I've been there, too. Trauma, tragedy, adversity and loss rewire the brain, disconnect us from ourselves, and from others. Yet these do not have to be permanent changes; they can be reversed. Yes, it is possible to heal, thrive and become fully alive again, no matter what we have experienced.

How do I know this? For over 25 years I've helped scores of CASIGYs and others activate their creativity to turn their obstacles into stepping stones. I've watched them heal, become fully alive and go on to realize their dreams. These are also the tools I use when I've faced tough times after hardship after setbacks in my own life. Now I'm known as The Scrap Lady, helping CASIGYs and others Create Beauty and Benefit from Life's Scraps. I know deep in my bones that no matter what illness, trauma, tragedy or loss you've experienced or how far your life is from what you wanted it to be, you can pick up the pieces and make something both beautiful and beneficial with them.

You can choose NOW to access help, healing and recovery.

Our next class is once a week on Tuesdays, October 30–December 4, 2012, 6:00–7:30 pm.

Specific Denver Metro location to be announced

Registrations will be limited to a maximum of 25

Cost = $25/week.

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