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Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW
Founder and President of the Academy of Creative living.

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    Are You Gifted; Creative; Highly Sensitive?

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    As a gifted, creative, highly sensitive person, you may know you are different than others. You may sense the obstacles this places between you and successful social or business relationships. Your mind works so fast you get bored with conversations, but others only know that you're bored. Or you may see far reaching implications of a proposed change at work, and when you talk about it, people just think you're off the wall. After a while, all you may be aware of is that others think you're uninterested in them, and that you have stupid ideas-so you start to feel stupid, bad and also misunderstood. You may then find yourself feeling inferior and inadequate because what other people think affects you the way it does.

    Or Are you facing adversity-financial stress, illness, loss, tragedy? Do you get stressed out easily? Do you feel done in by your sensitivities? Overwhelmed by the complexity of life? Feeling anxious or depressed by it all? You're not alone. The #1 issue that brings gifted creative, highly sensitive people in for therapy is over-sensitivity, followed closely by anxiety and depression.

    The gifted mind sees things inside out. The sometimes envied “normal” person sees a light pole and sees just that−a light pole. As a gifted , creative, highly sensitive person, you see a light pole and see the design of the pole and also the bulb, the inner structure of the pole, the supporting foundation in the ground, the electrical wiring, its connections to the local, national and international power grids, and maybe much more.

    As a creative, highly sensitive, gifted person, you also see tough times from the inside out. You're aware of much more than others are. You perceive more details, more implications, more possibilities; both good and bad. When your sensitivities trigger your intensities, the catecholamine cascade can become a deluge that pulls your feet out from under you. Your head may become foggy and your legs can become like rubber. You might doubt yourself and question your knowledge and skills. You may judge and shame yourself because the harder you try to think your way out of your trouble, the more mired in it you become, like being in quicksand.

    Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW is the Scrap Lady. She helps creative, sensitive, gifted people create beauty from life's scraps. To do this, first, she'll help you take charge of your sensitivities and intensities. Then, she'll help you to harness your intelligence, sensitivity and creativity to transform the obstacles in your life into stepping stones. This can enable you to access the advantages hidden deep within each and every adversity, and in your own uniqueness. You'll discover that depression can be the doorway to living with depth and wisdom; and anxiety can be the threshold to greater enthusiasm and excitement in your life. You'll find that emotional wounds, once healed, can create great compassion and strength of character.

    Sharon M. Barnes, MSSW, LCSW is a therapist who is attuned to your unique creative, highly sensitive, gifted needs. She provides gifted counseling & psychotherapy; gifted workshops & presentations to help you gain the knowledge and develop the skills to help you thrive, heal and realize your gifted, creative, sensitive dreams.

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    As Featured On Ezine Articles Check Out My Featured Article:

    Seven Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm

    for Creative, Highly Sensitive, Gifted People

    Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when life gets hectic–and that’s much too often?

    Is creative expression essential to your sense of well-being? Is daily time alone crucial to your inner balance? Do you quickly get overwhelmed when there’s lots of noise and activities going on? Do others frequently say that you’re “too sensitive”? And do you sometimes feel like “a freak of nature” because of these things?

    I have good news for you! Your creativity and sensitivity are gifts that the world sorely needs, not anomalies to be obliterated It is possible overcome your overwhelm (without losing your creativity or your sensitivity)! You can heal yourself from the effects of the things that overwhelm you, truly thrive instead of just survive, and yes, even achieve your creative, sensitive hopes and dreams.

    The First Step to overcome your overwhelm is to recognize what is going on. As elementary as this sounds, we often try to skip over it. It is essential to admit it when you’re overwhelmed. It’s crucial to stop pretending that you’re keeping up, doing fine, going along smoothly through life, when you’re not–and admit it as soon as possible. How bad do things have to get before you acknowledge that they’re not going well? Do you have to crash and burn, or can you allow yourself to own up to the overwhelm without owning the overwhelm itself? In other words, when you recognize the truth of your situation, you can then begin to do something to change it. You can’t do anything about feeling overwhelmed until you acknowledge it!

    If you'd like to read more on How to Overcome Overwhelm, click here.

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